Machine for laminating flat glass with PVB and EVA. The oven consists of a heating chamber where the housing is provided for five independent planes on which to lay the glass, also of varying thickness, as well as the curved glass. The glass loading and unloading system works by extracting individual planes using a hydraulic platform.

As an option,a storage structure is also provided on which to place five additional floors to optimize the loading and unloading of the glass and increase productivity

A double oil vacuum pump, connected to silicone bags at each individual plane, by means of high temperature resistant silicone tubing and related attachments to create the vacuum required for the lamination of glass.

The thermal cycle occurs through a hot air convection system which distributes the heat evenly throughout the chamber and across the surface of the glass.

  • Indipendent control of the conveyor’s motors for the heating section and quench section
  • Ventilator in powered by DC motors, with an electronic speed control, that provides considerable energy savings
  • Software completely managed by Siemens PLC
  • Tele-service system, which allows MAPPI to check quickly the conditions of the furnace

The machine will be installed at your site by our technicians.

The technicians provide training of your staff for a proper use and maintenance of the plant .

The first test will be made at our place.
Mappi International will provide technical and equipment needed for the proper functioning of the systems.
The final acceptance will take place at your place.