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FOREL Spa of Italy is reputed for its Double Glazing (DG), Laminating Glass Lines, Vertical Cutting and Edge Processing of Flat Glass

FOREL is a global leader in Insulating Glass Machinery (IG Lines) for the last 40 years.

Mappi of Italy is the final word in flat glass tempering furnaces globally.

Tempering furnaces and laminating glass furnaces in all configurations are made available by Mappi

The strong points of all our products mainly concern their simple use, their long life, the high processing quality and the limited maintenance required thanks to the adopted designing and assembling criteria. Our pride is also the skill to highly personalize all our models in order to adapt them to the customers' different needs.

OLIVOTTO has been working in the hollow glass sector since 1946, when it began marketing its first rotary-type glass blowing machine. Research, innovation, on-going technological development have enabled the company to become a leading brand the world over, supplying “turn-key” systems and services made to measure for any production need.

RUREX is market leader in the manufacturing and commissioning of complete glass production lines for figured and profiled glass.

For the container glass industry we are supplying worldwide our heat- and wear resistant spare parts, such as springs, dead plates, shear blades in many special designs, especially made for high-speed IS- machines.

Busellato glass moulds are the finest in the container glass industry.

The enhanced metallization techniques and material used for glass contact surface in moulds make Busellato a special name for container glass manufactures worldwide

Seeif Ceramic a.s of Czech Republic is world renowned for it's high quality refractories for the gating system in foundries and the engineered bricks for pouring large tonnage special alloy ingots in the steel working industry

Seeif Ceramic spells quality in the Foundry and Steel industry.

Impianti Novopac, founded in 1976 by 6 partners (5 technicians and 1 salesman), has become over the years a leading company in the design and production of packaging systems with shrink film and wrap-around cardboard.

The experience gained with over 4000 machines sold in more than 30 product sectors has allowed us to reach a high level of reliability and quality through research and development of new technologies.

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