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The energy demands to manufacture glass is particularly high, and energy costs have risen continually in the past.

P-D Refractories GmbH Dr. C. Otto has developed a unique lining concept with improved heat transfer via radiation of the glass furnace crown. This concept combines a combination of significantly improved radiation properties (much higher emissivity) of the new, dense silica type (e.g. GEH-ε, G100-ε) and optimized surface profiling on the furnace chamber side.

Total emissivity of the glass furnace crown increases with the new concept by up to 85 % compared to a conventionally lined silica glass furnace vault. As a result significant savings of energy used can be achieved.

This remarkable saving effect has been validated by the company Glass Service through mathematical modeling.

Further positive effects (in comparison to standard linings) are:

1) Per the same tonnage, a correspondingly reduced wear of refractory material (lower corrosion due to lower energy use).
2) With the same energy use, a correspondingly higher melting performance

*2 % energy savings represent around 89.000 € / year energy cost savings for an end-heated furnace with an average output of 300 t / d (Basis: 0,038 € / kWh – Eurostat 2. HJ 2013; Germany -; 3,85 MJ / kg glass)

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